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His Girlfriend Needed A Racing Bike. What He Built Is Incredible.

tt_bike_7_scaled Via imgur

When they were in college, Reddit user bcmanucd‘s girlfriend was on the college cycling team. Her team made it to the national championship. She needed a custom-fitted time trial bicycle to compete at the national time trial. However as a struggling college student with tuition and bills to pay, she didn’t have  the thousands of dollars needed for a custom bike

Bcmanucd wanted his girlfriend to have this opportunity of a lifetime. So even though he was already busy writing his master’s thesis, he spent every spare minute in the college machine shop designing and building a bike for her. And when you see the final photos and read the surprising ending, I think you’ll agree that what he built is more than just a bicycle–it was a labor of love.  Enjoy the slideshow in the words of the builder himself.

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