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Bicep Crushing Workout

Here are some challenging and effective bicep workout for you. Try these adventurous training methods for building bigger biceps. No more finding yourself curling the same old dumbbell and getting yourself out of a plateau.

Isolation Curl


Isolation curl is one of the best moves for building the biceps. If you are looking for a testimony for this move, look at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bicep at his prime. This is his favorite move! The isolation curl involves sitting on a bench and resting your upper arm on your knee. You then pivot at the elbow and focus purely on moving the weight with your biceps, which will create micro tears and lots of pump.

Preacher Curl

Preacher curl is another great move. It involves locking the upper arm in place and fully focusing the effort on the bicep. This move involves resting the upper arms on a pad that is at an angle. This has the advantage of being something you can do with a barbell or EZCurl, meaning it can go bilateral and thus take half the time.


21s are not an exercise but rather a protocol. These involve performing 7 reps of partials focusing on the lower portion of the movement, 7 reps in the mid range and 7 reps in the upper range. Not only does this act like a rest pause – forcing you to stop the weight dead and start again with no momentum – but it also allows you to focus different portions of the biceps resulting in a longer muscle head.

Incline Bicep Curl

The angle used in incline bicep curl is perfect for using the longer heads of the biceps and once again for isolating the muscles. Sit on a bench and then lean back as though you’re going to do an incline press. Instead of doing that though, you’re going to instead let your arms hang down vertically and then curl dumbbells up through a complete range of motion.

Underhand Chin Up

An underhand chin up is a pull up with an underhand grip. This places the emphasis on the biceps more than the lats (whereas a chin up is more lat-oriented). Want a more challenging twist to the move? Making it a one-armed chin up. Hold on with both hands, but then pull harder on one side than the other. This is essentially like performing a one-armed chin up while using your second arm just to stabilize yourself.

Hammer Curl

Last but not least is the hammer curl. These are great for building the biceps from a different angle and they’re also much comfier than a regular curl in some ways. You can even use these as part of a mechanical drop set: perform ‘regular’ curls to failure and then switch immediately to hammer curls!