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Avoid These Workout Mistakes

These are some of the most helpful demonstrations regarding bodybuilding postures and techniques. It is very important to have the right postures and right techniques because it would eliminate chance of hurting yourself and increase the efficiency of your workout.

Hand position is super important!

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Do not lift your head up!

Straight back and tight core is the way to go.

Keep the arms straight down.

Don’t forget to keep the right angles.

Again, keep them straight.

By keeping an upright back angle, your chest stays up and you will have mobile ankles.

Keep the back in the straight line position.

Do not hunch over.

Which one do you use? Sumo or conventional style?

Do not lean forward.

Keep the back of the hands and your arms in a straight line.

We want to avoid weak abs and weak glutes for sure.

Again, keep the back straight to avoid getting hurt.

Spread the arms out just enough to keep them straight.

Again, perpendicular angles on both sides.

Do not bend the wrists in.

Keep them at the right position.

Let the spine be at neutral position.

Turn them up instead of inward.

Posture. Posture. Posture.

Keep the back tight.

No clashing. Period.

The rare moment where you do want to keep them bend instead of straight.

You need to keep it just right, not too much either way.

The slightest angle can make the biggest difference.

Time to look down.

Doesn’t the lower one look a lot more comfortable?

Do not bend down too much.

Remember to keep the back up right and the knee to be parallel to ankle.

Keeping the back neutral to engage the core muscle.

Do not extend the arm up too far up.

Cable needs to be in line with the midline.

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