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After His Father Went Through A Major Surgery, This Photographer Took His Parents Abroad For The First Time Celebrating Their 50th Anniversary.

Chinese photographer, Gu Yi, left home many years for work. He was always busy with his career in Chongqing, China.  He missed and was always worried about his parents who lived thousands of miles away in Jiangsu Province, China. Three years ago, Gu Yi’s father was diagnosed with terminal stage gastric cancer. After the major surgery, his father was slowly recovering. Gu Yi wanted to spend more time with his parents after the incident. Since 2015 was his parents’ 50th anniversary, he decided to take them abroad for the first time. When relatives and friends found out about Gu Yi’s decision, they were very concerned about his father’s health condition. Instead of just sitting at home, Gu Yi felt that a change of environment and attitude could be good for his father’s recovery. It was a trip of a lifetime for his parents and himself.



Gu Yi’s father tried out skydiving for the first time in Queensland, Australia.


During the flight from Shanghai to Melbourne, father kept a diary for their 50th anniversary trip.


A picture of Gu Yi’s parents in Australia.


Gu Yi made these t-shirts for his parents celebrating their 50th anniversary. 50th anniversary is also called golden anniversary in Chinese.


At Stradbroke Island, his parents broke into song while enjoying the sunset. His father told him that was the most beautiful sunset he had ever seen. His mother told him she sang for the first time in her entire life.


His parents saw the ocean for the first time in Geelong, Victoria. They insisted in getting closer despite the rain.


Gu Yi’s parents enjoyed the ocean view at Wilsons Promontory National Park, which is located at the southernmost tip of mainland Australia. An incident a few years ago resulted in his mother needing a crutch for walking.


His father came across some kelps at the shore of Urunga, New South Wales. He was super excited because it resembled a Chinese dragon.


At Brisbane in Queensland, father told Gu Yin that he still could climb a tree despite all his health issues. And, up he went.


His parents were happy as a kid exploring every new places and trying every new things. His father seemed to be more optimistic with his life and determined to get better. A parrot landed on his mom’s shoulder as they were snapping a picture at the southernmost tip of mainland Australia.



Visited a farm for the first time at Mount View, New South Wales.


Gu Yin’s parents enjoyed their first helicopter ride at Cessnock Airport, New South Wales.


At Walhalla, a small town in Victoria, his father was playing Chinese chess with some new friends.


As a photographer, Gu Yi was proud to be able to capture the special moments of his parents’ trip. His mother enjoyed the sunrise at Dorrigo Mountain in New South Wales.


His parents saw yacht for the first time at Brisbane, Queensland.


Enjoying the warmth of the sun while watching someone performing on top of a mountain.


It’s November 23rd and it’s also his mom’s birthday. His parents curiously observing the scenery at the city of Brisbane, Queensland.


Gu Yin’s parents picked out these colorful outfit to celebrate their 50th anniversary.


Enjoying the amazing night view at Dalby, Queensland.


Taking a break and soaking up the sun after breakfast.


Gu Yin’s parents celebrated their 50th anniversary on a cruise ship in Brisbane, Queensland.


Father picked some wild flower and assembled a bouquet for mother on the 50th anniversary. He said he couldn’t afford to give mom a luxurious wedding when they got married, but he would like to pamper her today.


Gu Yi’s mother tried out skydiving for the first time, jumping down from 14,000 feet.


Two months into the trip, Gu Yin’s father was more and more optimistic towards life. He picked up guitar, flute, Chinese calligraphy and painting. His father told him that he wanted to enjoy his life fully for the next seventy yearsl. On December 20th, his father was playing guitar in front of some college students in Queensland.


Gu Yin’s parents enjoyed the Christmas atmosphere in Brisbane.


His mother just learned how to take a selfie. Father said, “Let’s take a selfie since it’s our first time celebrating Christmas overseas.”


His parents sang along some Christmas songs with a group of Korean youngsters.


His father did not forget to take time jotting down his feelings during the trip.


Father said he wanted to learn how to drive so that he could drive us around sightseeing.


After the trip, Gu Yin’s father gained close to eleven pounds and his mother could walk without her crutch.


Gu Yin’s  parents truly enjoyed the trip. His father’s health is very good these days.