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After His Father Went Through A Major Surgery, This Photographer Took His Parents Abroad For The First Time Celebrating Their 50th Anniversary.

Chinese photographer, Gu Yi, left home many years for work. He was always busy with his career in Chongqing, China.  He missed and was always worried about his parents who lived thousands of miles away in Jiangsu Province, China. Three years ago, Gu Yi’s father was diagnosed with terminal stage gastric cancer. After the major surgery, his father was slowly recovering. Gu Yi wanted to spend more time with his parents after the incident. Since 2015 was his parents’ 50th anniversary, he decided to take them abroad for the first time. When relatives and friends found out about Gu Yi’s decision, they were very concerned about his father’s health condition. Instead of just sitting at home, Gu Yi felt that a change of environment and attitude could be good for his father’s recovery. It was a trip of a lifetime for his parents and himself.



Gu Yi’s father tried out skydiving for the first time in Queensland, Australia.

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