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This Father And Son Pair Posed For The Same Photos For 30 Years

The son, Tian Li, was born in 1986 in Guizhou Province, China. His father, Tian Jun, thought the idea of taking the same photo with his son every year would be a neat. And so the tradition began and lasted for 30 years. There was one year that they couldn’t take a picture together, which was 2014 because the son was in America. The last photo was taken in 2015 and it revealed a touching ending to this 30-decade-photo-series. Tian Li, a Chinese film director, thinks this photo series is an artistic expression, ” Time itself is a form of art. This is the power of time.”


Click “Next” to start the slideshow. Enjoy the transformation of both the father and the son, and also the interaction between the two through this amazing photo series. 

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