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Photos Of Unusual Country Borders Around The World

National borders are not permanent fixtures. They might change based on the relationship between the countries, whether hostile or friendly. The country borders range from physical man made barriers like walls or natural barriers like rivers to some almost non-existent markers like flags, lines or signs. We have compiled these symbolic country borders around the world that we are sure you would enjoy going through them!

Poland & Ukraine

imgur-poland and ukraine

Argentina, Paraguay & Brazil

imgur-argentina, paraguay and brazil

Australia & Anywhere Else

imgur-australia and anywhere else

Brazil & Uruguay

imgur-brazil and uruguay

Canada & United States

boredpanda - United states and canada2

imgur-canada and united states

boredpanda - United states and canada

China & Mongolia

imgur-china and mongolia

Estonia & Russia

imgur-estonia and russia

Germany & Netherlands

imgur-germany and netherlands

Germany, Czech Republic & Poland

imgur-germany, czech republic and poland

Haiti & Dominican Republic

imgur-haiti and dominican republic

India & Pakistan

ittzy - india and pakistan

Norway & Sweden

imgur-norway and sweden

Mexico & United States

imgur-mexico and united states

boredpanda - United states and mexico

boredpanda - United states and mexico2

Morocco & Melilla

imgur-morocco and melilla

Netherlands & Belgium

imgur-netherlands and belgium

imgur-netherlands and belgium2

imgur-netherlands and belgium3

Norway, Sweden & Finland

imgur-norway,sweden and finland

Vietnam & China

boredpanda - vietnam and china

Sweden & Norway

imgur-sweden and norway

Slovakia, Austria & Hungary

imgur-slovakia, austria and hungary

Netherlands & Germany

imgur-netherlands and germany

South Korea & North Korea

imgur-south korea and north korea

Germany & Czech Republic

boredpanda - germany and czech republic

Spain & Portugal

imgur-spain and portugal

Sweden & Finland

imgur-sweden and finland

 Switzerland & France

imgur-switzerland and france

Russia & China

travellerspoint - russia and china

Switzerland & Italy

imgur-switzerland and italy

Tibet (Chinese Autonamous Region) & Nepal

imgur-tibet (or china) and nepal

Malaysia & Singapore

imgur-malaysia and singapore

Denmark & Sweden

boredpanda - denmark and sweden

Germany, Netherlands & Belgium

boredpanda - germany, netherlands and belgium

 Cambodia & Thailand - cambodia and thailand

Turkey & Syria

yournewswire - turkey and syria

Argentina & Brazil

boredpanda - argentina and brazil - iguaza falls

Belarus & Lithuania

boredpanda - belarus and lithuania

Thailand, Myanmar & Laos

boredpanda - thailand myanmar and laos

Bolivia & Brazil

boredpanda - bolivia and brazil

Poland & Czech Republic

boredpanda - poland and czech

Germany & Poland

boredpanda - Germany And Poland