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Crazy Close-Call Accidents Caught On Camera

Many people believe in fate, destiny, or even guardian angels. And while we can’t say whether they’re right or wrong, we do think that these videos make a convincing case that some people must have an angel watching over them.  That’s the only logical explanation we can think of to explain why these people can go through such crazy accidents and walk away unhurt.

Some of these accidents are like watching a perfectly choreographed ballet of destruction unfold around a clueless pedestrian. Others were almost in the wrong place at the wrong time-only millimeters from harm. But regardless of fault, these have got to be among the luckiest people on earth. Watch the first video below, and click Start Slideshow to continue the journey.


This motorcyclist thought he had spotted the perfect opening-only he failed to see the turn signal of the car in time. Lucky for him-what he lacks in defensive driving skills he makes up for with surfing skills.

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