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Crazy Close-Call Accidents Caught On Camera

Many people believe in fate, destiny, or even guardian angels. And while we can’t say whether they’re right or wrong, we do think that these videos make a convincing case that some people must have an angel watching over them.  That’s the only logical explanation we can think of to explain why these people can go through such crazy accidents and walk away unhurt.

Some of these accidents are like watching a perfectly choreographed ballet of destruction unfold around a clueless pedestrian. Others were almost in the wrong place at the wrong time-only millimeters from harm. But regardless of fault, these have got to be among the luckiest people on earth. Watch the first video below, and click Start Slideshow to continue the journey.


This motorcyclist thought he had spotted the perfect opening-only he failed to see the turn signal of the car in time. Lucky for him-what he lacks in defensive driving skills he makes up for with surfing skills.

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This cautious cyclist is cautiously proceeding through the intersection, when the truck runs a stop sign and rips the rear bumper off a car.  If you look closely you can see the truck driver is thrown into the passenger seat and loses control of the truck.  Other than a dented wheel, our cyclist just walks away.

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This poor driver is calmly standing by his vehicle daydreaming while he pumps fuel into his truck, when suddenly his life flashes before his eyes.  You can’t blame him for cowering in fear as jumps out of the way.

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Watching this video, you wonder how the SUV driver ever got their driver’s license. Brakes locked up, the truck perfectly spins the SUV around the pedestrian, missing him by inches.  The pedestrian is unfazed and only concerned about brushing himself off-seemingly unaware of how lucky he is.

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This bicyclist is just riding along, lost in his thoughts, when suddenly his bicycle is replaced by a bed. Amazingly the same mattress that knocks him off his bicycle also gives him a soft landing.

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Nobody told this guy that he should have worn a bicycle helmet-but on second thought-it wouldn’t have made much difference. Somehow he gets run over by a truck, but incredibly every single tire misses him. Maybe next time he’ll remember to look for the truck-because the truck driver sure won’t look for him.

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You never know how people will react to the unexpected. This poor guy gets a bit of road rash as he rolls on the pavement, but his scooter absolutely shatters to pieces. Amazingly he just walks away like nothing happened.

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The timing of this red-light-runner is amazing. Too late the driver tries to stop as he locks the brakes and slides through the intersection. Somehow he manages to escape harm, other than possibly scratching the paint.

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Apparently some people never learned to look both ways before crossing the street. This woman starts running across the street right in front of a bus, and then speeds up to get in front of the bus! Luckily the bus has good brakes so she makes it through without a scratch.

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This bicyclist’s view of oncoming cars is blocked, and she doesn’t see the car until it is too late. The quick-thinking driver swerves to the right, just missing her legs as the bicycle is flung away.

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You’re supposed to walk when you cross the street, but this businessman starts at a jog and ends up in a full sprint as both the car and bus miss him by mere inches.

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What is it about our smartphones that make us do stupid stuff? This woman dropped her phone on the train track, and decided that jumping on the tracks to get it was a good idea. Two good samaritans pulled her up mere inches before the train arrived.

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This motorcyclist is just pulling into traffic when the next thing he knows, he’s lying on the ground and his bike is completely gone. Check out the other motorcycle rider who also can’t figure out what happened.

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This driver has to be surprised as he goes to pass a truck, only to see another semi truck sliding sideways directly at him. Amazingly the semi straightens out, missing the car with literally no room to spare.

The next person might never look at telephone poles the same way ever again. Click the “Next” button to continue…

Many people think telephone poles are ugly. But we’re guessing after this close call that this pedestrian is rather fond of telephone poles. If you watch closely, you’ll see that none of the debris ends up hitting him either. Simply incredible.