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Amazing Fairy Tree House Will Make You Wish You Were A Kid Again

We’ve all climbed trees when we were young, and wished that we could live in a magical treehouse like Peter Pan.  Well, for one very lucky girl, her wish actually came true!

Video game developer and reddit user radamshome spent every spare moment for 18 months drawing, designing, and building the ultimate fairy tree forest in his daughter’s room. And it’s not just a flimsy decoration.  Built from steel rebar and concrete, the tree can even support the weight of 3 grown adults.

“I’m an artist in the video game industry, and don’t usually draw with paper so I’m out of practice. Anyway, this was the last of about a dozen sketches I did before building the model. Most of the earlier drawings looked too scary, and the last thing I wanted was for it to give her nightmares!”

original sketch2

Via Imgur

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