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35 Celebs And Their Strange Phobias

Many of us have fears deep down in our heart. Some of us might have common phobias like fear of clowns or fear of heights; while others have unusual ones like fear of butterflies or fear of mirrors. Whether you are an A-list Hollywood star or a stay-at-home-mom, there’s a good chance you are afraid of something.

We’ve compiled a list of famous celebrities who have publicly shared their phobias. Some phobias everyone can relate to, while other phobias are really strange.

flickr - Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves – Achluophobia

Famous for his role in The Matrix, and known for being a humble and giving person off-screen, Keanu Reeves has experienced several tragedies in his personal life. He lost his child as a stillborn and his girlfriend to an accident a year later, followed by the loss of his sister. Keanu Reeves has openly shared that he has a great fear of darkness, which is perfectly understandable given what he has been through.

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twitter-shannon elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth – Alektorophobia

Shannon Elizabeth is a vegan. Besides not wanting to eat them, she also has an extreme fear of chickens. She is afraid of their claws and beaks. Shannon feels that chickens have lots of small body parts that could enter inside her body without her realizing it.

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wikipedia - Scarlett_Johansson_3_(cropped)

Scarlett Johansson – Ornithophobia

Scarlet Johansson is absolutely terrified of birds. She is scared of virtually every part of a bird, especially the beak and the wings. She had to work with these scary birds in the movie We Bought a Zoo back in 2011.

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wikipedia - Matt_Damon

Matt Damon – Herpetophobia

During the shooting of We Bought a Zoo, Matt Damon discovered he had a great aversion to reptiles. He would sweat profusely when he was in close proximity with snakes on the set. And, he even freaked out when he was asked to hold one.

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mulhollandlynch - Robert+De+Niro

Robert De Niro – Dentophobia

Despite his tough-guy personality in his many movies, Robert De Niro shares a common fear that many of us have (especially those of us that eat too many sweets):  Fear of Dentists.

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wikipedia - Johnny_Depp

Johnny Depp – Coulrophobia

Johnny Depp is known for his quirky roles such as Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd and Jack Sparrow. So it comes as a great surprise that this superstar actually has a great fear of clowns. He shared that he is absolutely terrified of the evil eyes, the fake smiles and the caked on expressions of the clowns.

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wikipedia - Adele_2016

Adele – Fear of Seagulls

During an interview back in 2008, Adele revealed her seagull phobia. Her fear of seagulls dated back when she was just a nine-year-old- girl. She shared her encounter with a seagull, “I was walking down the promenade in Tenby eating an ice cream cone, when this huge seagull came down and swiped it off me… I thought it was going to take me away with it.” What a terrifying experience!

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wikipedia - Matthew_McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey  – Fear of Revolving Doors and Tunnels

Matthew McConaughey, being the A-list superstar, is known for being cool, laid back. However, he is not super cool when he is near revolving doors and tunnels. This is how he described revolving doors, “I get anxious just being near them.” He refuses to use revolving doors and avoids them at all cost. He is also super uncomfortable driving through a tunnel in a vehicle, not being able to see what is really in front of him.

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102.7 KIIS FM's Wango Tango 2013 Concert at the Home Depot Center in Carson California on May 11, 2013

Britney Spears – Herpetophobia

Britney Spears’ phobia is fear of reptiles, which strikes us as a bit ironic given that one of the most iconic images was her and a reptile. During one of her VMAs performance, she was up on stage with an albino Burmese python over her shoulder.

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flickr - Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz – Fear of Doorknobs

After starring in movies like There’s Something About Mary, you’d think that nothing could gross out Cameron Diaz. But in real life the famous actress is totally afraid of doorknobs.  We’re unsure if it is related to cleanliness or just a texture issue, but the story is that Cameron tries to avoid touching one at all costs.

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Los Angeles Fitness Expo 2011 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California

Carmen Electra – Aquaphobia

Carmen Electra has a great fear of water. There are lots of people who are afraid of water so it is certainly not uncommon. However, it is surprising to find out that Carmen has such phobia considering that she was known for her lifeguard character in Baywatch. Apparently, seeing the ocean on TV or being close to waves is enough to freak her out.

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wikipedia - Channing_Tatum-resized


Channing Tatum – Pediophobia

Channing Tatum seems strong, fearless on screen in his action movies, but deep down he is fearful of dolls — porcelain dolls, to be specific. It is not uncommon for people to have such phobia, thanks to all the scary movies with freaky dolls. Channing Tatum shared his fear with Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen, “I just think they are freaky.”

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wikipedia - Nicole_Kidman

Nicole Kidman – Fear of Butterflies

Nicole Kidman has a bizarre fear of butterflies. She has no problem dealing with spiders, but she is tragically afraid of this beautiful insect. She shared that when she was a child, she would climb over fences and crawl along her house just to avoid being spotted by these terrifying butterflies at the main gate of her house.

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wikipedia - Orlando_Bloom

Orlando Bloom – Fear of Pigs

Orlando Bloom became a superstar after appearing in Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. This handsome actor stumbled upon his fear of pigs while filming. When he was shooting Kingdom of Heaven, one of the pigs on set got loose and Orlanda Bloom was the first to be on the run.

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wikipedia - Hilary_Duff_2_by_David_Shankbone

Hilary Duff – Molysmophobia

Hilary Duff is famous for being a actress, singer, and songwriter who got her start on the Disney Channel comedy Lizzie McGuire.  Known for her clean, wholesome roles, she also takes cleanliness to another level due to her obsession with keeping her home clean.  Her fear of dirt is so extreme that she has to re-clean her room every night before she can relax.

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wikipedia - Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson – Eisoptrophobia

Pamela Anderson was internationally renowned for her beach babe role in Baywatch. Her fear might come as a surprise for us considering she is very proud of her assets and likes to show them off. Pamela is absolutely terrified of mirrors and seeing her own reflection. She is not only fear of reflective surfaces, she also can’t stand seeing herself in the mirror and also television.

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wikipedia - HowieMandel

Howie Mandel – Mysophobia

Howie Mandel has suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder for years. He has an irrational fear of germs. You may have noticed how he would not shake hands with the contestants on Deal or No Deal unless he had latex gloves on. Also, his signature fist-bump allows him to avoid shaking hands with others.

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wikipedia - Jennifer_Love_Hewitt_LF2

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Fear of Elevators

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a strong fear of elevators. She would rather take flights of stairs than riding in the scary box. Like most people with phobias, Jennifer also doesn’t know why she is so fanatically afraid of the elevators, maybe it’s the influence from scary movie or maybe it’s the chances of getting stuck in one.

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wikipedia - Kristen_Stewart_Cannes_2014

Kristen Stewart – Fear of Horseback Riding

Kristen Stewart will forever be famous for her leading role in the Twilight series as Bella. She was surprised to find out on the Twilight set that she has an unreasonable fear of horseback riding. Poor Kristen, who had to suffer through her fear while filming the movies. I wonder if we will see her riding horses again in her future movies.

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wikipedia - David Beckham

David Beckham – Ataxophobia

We all love to be in tidy, orderly environment. It is the same case for David Beckham, the global sports icon. David Beckham and his wife are both known for their meticulous, posh look. However, most people probably do not know that David Beckham has a fear of disorder or untidiness. Everything in David Beckham’s house is even numbered and in a straight line.

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wikipedia - MeganFox

Megan Fox – Papyrophobia

Megan Fox has a weird phobia — fear of paper. When she appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show, she shared about her absolute fear of dry paper. “I just can’t stand it. Scripts, newspaper, or anything that’s not laminated, I have to keep licking my fingers. If I’m reading, I have to have a cup of water to dip my fingers in. I’m really neurotic.”

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scapetv - p diddy

Sean Combs (P. Diddy) – Fear of Long Second Toe

Sean Combs has a strange phobia as well: fear of a long second toe. Yes, you read that right. He admitted that he has such a fear during a talk show. When he was on The Tonight Show along with fellow guest Kate Beckinsale, he refused to look at her. When he was asked about his strange behavior, he explained, “This foot thing. I really fear a second long toe.”

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twitter - oprah winfrey

Oprah Winfrey – Fear of Chewing Gum

Oprah Winfrey is so wildly successful that you might think she has no fear of anything. On the contrary, she is petrified of chewing gum. She claims that her phobia might have resulted from her childhood experiences:  for some reasons, her grandmother felt the need to save used chewing gum. Oprah had an unofficial rule at her show in which no chewing gum is allowed in the premise.

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flickr - Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton – Fear of Antique Furniture

Billy Bob Thornton is extremely talented and a bit bizarre. His phobia is quite rare as well — fear of antique furniture. He does not have any antique furniture in his house and he would not eat in any restaurant with antique furniture in it. He speculated that his fear might stem from his past life bad experience with antique furniture, “Maybe it’s a past life thing and I got beat to death with an old chair.”

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wikipedia - Tyra_Banks_2011

Tyra Banks – Fear of Dolphins

Tyra Banks might look fierce on the runway, but deep down she has an irrational fear just like some of us. Tyra is absolutely terrified of dolphins, even just seeing the picture of dolphins would send chills down her spine. She shared with People magazine, “I’ve been afraid of [them] since I was about 8 or 9. I have dreams that I am in a pool and there are dolphins bumping me and I’m frightened.”

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wikipedia - Woody_Allen_Cannes_2016_2

Woody Allen – Demophobia, Hypsiphobia, Entomophobia…

Woody Allen shared that he has fear of lots and lots of things. You can’t help but wonder how he survives day to day life. Just to name a few, he has great fear of crowds, animals, insects, heights, sunshine, bright colors and being confined in tight spaces.

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wikipedia -HelenMirrenBerlin

Helen Mirren – Telephonophobia

As one of the elite actresses to win the Triple Crown of Acting (Academy Award, Emmy Award, and Tony Award), Helen Mirren brings an air of eloquence to every film she is in.  So it comes as a surprise that she is actually terrified of talking on the phone, to the point that she dreads hearing her phone ring.

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Madonna – Astraphobia

Madonna is the queen of pop and with her personalities, you wouldn’t expect her to be scared of thunder and lightning. But the reality is that she is petrified of thunderstorms. When she is on the road touring, she demands frequent updates on the weather to avoid being caught in a thunderstorm.

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Alex Pettyfer – Fear of Public Toilets

Alex Pettyfer has a huge fear of public toilets. This phobia is actually pretty common. I bet it is quite a hassle to avoid going to the restroom in public spaces. Sometimes you just can’t plan ahead for emergencies.

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Katie Holmes – Fear of Raccoons

Katie Holmes is afraid of raccoons. She shared one of her encounter with a raccoon, “I’m staring at it and it’s just staring right back like he’s going to kick my butt and I didn’t know what to do so I just stood up and barked at it and he ran away.” Luckily she’s able to defend herself from being hurt by a raccoon.

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wikipedia - KyraSedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick – Fear of Talking Food

Kyra Sedgwick has an intense fear of talking food. It might seem odd at first, but after thinking about it, I’m sure you can understand why talking food can be creepy. According to Kevin Bacon, his wife finds any talking food on commercial to be so horrifying that she needs to run out of the room. I bet she didn’t like Veggie Tales growing up.

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Andy Roddick – Fear of Rabbits

As a Grand Slam singles tennis champion, you’d think that Andy Roddick would be as fearless off the court as he is on the court.  Yet, he is actually has a very real fear of rabbits.  According to one unconfirmed account, Andy once freaked out at an Easter brunch when he saw an Easter bunny.

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flickr - Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne – Aphenphosmphobia

Kelly Osbourne is known for being the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne. She has a fear of being touched. She has repeatedly told others that she hates being touched. It absolutely terrifies her when someone touches her.

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wikipedia - Christina_Ricci_by_David_Shankbone-resized

Christina Ricci – Fear of Houseplants

Christina Ricci has a rare, unique phobia — fear of houseplants. The actress shared, “They are dirty. I’m repulsed by the fact that there’s a plant indoors. It just freaks me out.” So it is no surprise that her house is free of any and all plants.

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wikipedia - Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock – Fear of Eggs

Alfred Hitchcock, one of the greatest directors of all time, was absolutely terrified of eggs. Even though he loves food in general, he found eggs to be revolting. “Brrr! have you ever seen anything more revolting than an egg yolk breaking and spilling its yellow liquid?”

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