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They Found Two Dogs Crying In Tar Pit, This Was Their Reaction.

Animals have their own survival instinct, but sometimes they do end up in a tough situation where human help is needed for their survival. And, in this case the story begins with these two dogs drowning in one of these tar pits.


One Sunday afternoon, a group of Axios Airsoft players heard the dogs’ cries for help in a distance. They decided to investigate and found them in tar pit about ten kilometers outside Antofagasta, Chile. The group of Airsoft players spontaneously started the rescue effort immediately.

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The dogs were purposely thrown in tar pit by some horrible persons. It is disheartening to know that people are capable of such cruelty.


The dogs were covered head to paws in the sticky mess, almost completely submerged in the tar pit. They were drowning and sinking fast.


The first thing that the players thought about was to pull the canines up using a rope. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out very well. The sticky tar was pulling the dogs down, making it almost impossible to lift the dogs up.


The dogs were yelping in pain from the tension of the rope as the rescuers were trying to pull them up. They decided a change of plan was necessary.


Couple rescuers still kept the rope on the dog loosely to keep it from sinking to the bottom. Another rescuer used a long wooden plank to try pushing the dog up.


Other rescuers were focusing on the other dog. The dog was panicking and trying very hard to stay above the tar pit.


Since the rescuers knew they couldn’t just walk in the tar pit to rescue the dog. They found a tire that was laying around and used that as a platform to get to the other dog.


It was a team effort with other rescuers pulling hard on the clothing of one of the team members while he reached out to the dog.


Finally the team member was able to get a hold of the dog.


As the rescuer was trying to pull the dog out, the dog resisted his effort because it was just too painful. The tar acted like glue pulling the dog down very hard. Without any choice, the rescuer let go of the dog.


The team had tried pulling the dogs out using rope and by hands, but both with no avail. They knew that change of strategy was needed.


Now the rescuers’ new plan was to push the dogs to the shoreline. With the help from the team, the dogs were trying very hard to swim to the edge as well.


One of the dogs was finally reaching the edge of the tar pit!  The team members were still working on getting the other one out of the sticky situation.


The poor dog was finally out. It was eager to get away from the tar pit. Unfortunately, its dilemma was not over yet.


Tar drys very quickly once it’s exposed to the air. The team members knew that so they were working very hard to scrape as much as tar off the poor dog.


Both dogs just laid there on the ground. They were clearly traumatized and exhausted after struggling to get out of the tar pit.


The weight of the tar made it harder and harder for the dogs to move around.


The team members comforted the dogs by petting on their heads. The dogs might not be able to feel the touch, but the concern from the rescuers could definitely be felt by the poor little ones.


Tar can cause great harm to the dogs. It could potentially cause blindness and respiratory distress to the poor dogs.


One of the players was trying to pull as much clumps of black tar off the poor dog as possible using his bare hands, while the other player was using some cloth to wipe the dog.


The Airsoft players knew that they need to seek professional help cleaning the dogs. The team rushed the dogs to the nearby rescue group “Gatos Abandonados Antofagasta”  (Abandoned Cats Antofagasta).


The poor dogs were transported in cardboard boxes. After learning about what happened to the dogs, the volunteers at the shelter took them in immediately. 


The volunteers at the rescue group transferred the dogs into plastic buckets and started cleaning them up.


With no time wasted, the volunteers started scrubbing fast to get the sticky tar off the two dogs. All the tar needed to be removed as soon as possible to minimize harmful effect on the dogs’ health such as blindness and respiratory distress.


The dogs were looking much better. They still looked pitch black, but the majority of the sticky, gooey tar was already removed.


Slowly the real looks of the dogs were revealed. They were no longer the identical tar-covered dogs.


Despite being covered with tar, the volunteers were super excited to be able to hold the two clean, happy dogs.


Look at the tar that came off those two dogs. That was a lot of tar!


This handsome doggy had a dark coat of fur. It was named “Lancelot”.


Here are the before and after pictures of Lancelot.


The other dog on the other hand had a lighter coat of fur and was named “Laica”.


Here are the before and after pictures of Laica.


Look at these dogs now! Lancelot and Laica looked all clean, happy and content. 


Lancelot and Laica were definitely thousand times better compared to when they were covered head-to-paw with tar. Unfortunately, there were still issues to be resolved.


Even though Lancelot and Laica survived the awful, near-death experience, they were not out of the woods yet for potential health problems from the long exposure to tar. 


Tar exposure could case many health problems. And the tricky part was that the problems might not show up right away so they needed to be closely observed for a while.


After the tar pit incident, the two dogs became sick with canine distemper. They managed to pull through and get better. The rescue group were grateful to receive the much-needed donations to help cover all the medical expenses for the vet care.



The rescue group took superb care of the two dogs. Lancelot and Laica ate and rested well every day. Finally it was time for them to leave the shelter.


The rescue group was happy that Lancelot and Laica were healthy enough to leave, but they were sad to bid farewell to these two cuties. It was very emotional for the volunteers and also for the dogs.


After Lancelot and Laica recovered from their health problems. The rescue group, Gatos Abandonados Antofagasta, and both the dogs had made appearances on television to help educating the public about animal cruelty.


Tar pits like this one are common throughout Chile. Unfortunately, Chilean corporations are not very closely monitored and regulated. These tar pits are often formed from the large pools of toxic waste disposed by those companies.


After the dogs were clear of any health issues, the rescue group was onto the next task of finding them a home. The staff and the volunteers of the rescue group hoped that both the dogs could be adopted together.


Since Lancelot and Laica had been featured on local television, the pair had become somewhat of a celebrity in Chile. The famous pair even had their own Facebook page. 


We sincerely hoped that the pair, Lancelot and Laica, would find a loving forever home. And, they would never have to endure another horrible episode in their lives like what they had experienced in the tar pit.


After Lancelot and Laica incident, the animal rescuers went back to the area and they found six more dogs dead in the neighboring tar pit. Authorities were brought in to investigate the incident and it was suspected that the dogs were thrown in the pit on purpose.


If the Airsoft players did not hear the yelping from the dogs or if the players decided to ignore the cries of help, Lancelot and Laica would not have survived. 


The heroic acts of these brave people will never be forgotten. They saved the lives of these two dogs.

The love and care of the people at the rescue group helped nurtured the dogs back to great health.

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