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21+ Large Animals That Actually Exist – Beware of #26

When we think of big animals, the ones that typically come to mind are big mammals like the elephant, giraffe, or whale.  But the really fascinating giant animals are those which are huge compared to their species typical size.  From 25-foot snakes to terrifying bugs bigger than your hand, we’ve compiled a list of animals so jaw-droppingly huge that you won’t believe that they actually exist.

uniquehunters - goliath frog

1. African Goliath Frog

This frog is an African Goliath Frog.  There habitat is in Cameroon, Africa and Equatorial Guinea.  The monster frog’s typical size is 13 inches long and weight is 7 lbs. It will literally eat everything from worms, insects to other frogs and snakes.

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