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19 Best Dogs For Hectic Lifestyles

A lot of us would love to have a dog to be part of our lives. But, the thought of taking care of a dog while juggling our busy lives just seem so daunting. However, not all dog breeds require the same amount of work or commitment.  You can definitely enjoy the companionship of a dog while having a busy life. Check out these 19 best dogs for hectic lifestyles.


 19. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have grown in popularity in the United States since 2000 despite originating from the United Kingdom. They are ranked the 18th most most popular pure breed in the United States based on the statistics in 2013. They are friendly, affectionate, eager to please and very adaptable to new environment. They are great for all ages and also all statuses from single people to families with young children and other animals. They can weigh between 10 to 18 pounds.

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