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21 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate

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21. Using Words Instead of Body Language

Let’s face it. We humans love to talk as we are vocal species. But we forget that our dogs are not vocal communicators. Other than simple commands like sit, walk, stay, treat, dogs can’t understand human language. They however have evolved to be expert body language readers.

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20. Keeping Prolonged Eye Contact

Eye contact is very important for human interaction because it is a sign of trustworthiness. But, dogs perceive prolonged eye contact as domineering, unnerving and uncomfortable.


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19. Forcing Your Dog To Play With Other Dogs

Dogs are just like humans when it comes to socialization with others.  There are other dogs and people that your dog likes to hang out with, and there are some she just couldn’t care less for. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of dog owners who fail to read the cues from their dogs and push them too far.


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18. Giving Baths

Having a bath is an uncomfortable experience for many dogs.  The smells and sounds of the bath, the feeling of water spraying on his face—it’s just not your dog’s idea of a good time. Fortunately, if you’re sensitive to your dog’s reaction and you ease them into it, most dogs are able to tolerate a bath.  Be sure to shower your dog with praise (and treats).


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17. Being Home Alone

One reason we all love dogs is they are social pack animals that see us as their leader.  The  flip side is that dogs hate being left alone for long periods, and can start to misbehave due to the stress and boredom.  Some breeds suffer from separation anxiety more than others, including working breeds, Terriers, Labradors and Retrievers.


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16. Fireworks

Whether New Years celebration or the Fourth of July, everybody loves a good fireworks show.  Everybody except for dogs.  Some dogs are so terrified of fireworks they’ll hide under the bed or even climb over high fences to escape the noise.  Help your dog cope by keeping her inside with the windows closed to lessen the noise and reassure her during the fireworks show.


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15. Treating Like A Baby

Being treated like a baby human is very frustrating to your dog.  While you may love to cradle your adorable dog in your arms, she has no understanding of why she is being held upside-down above the ground.


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14. Taking Hasty Walks

Taking a walk with our dogs is so important, but not just for exercise or potty breaks. We need to understand that canines practically see with their noses. Don’t just take your dog out for a walk and not let him have a chance to explore his surroundings.


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13. “Asserting Dominance” By Leaning Over Your Puppy

Many humans have heard that they need to assert their dominance over a dog to make them behave.  Doing this by leaning over a puppy can be extremely frightening to the puppy.  If your puppy ever wets themselves when you lean over them, they are trying to tell you that they are scared of you.  A better way to assert dominance is to be firm and assertive with your body language while still giving the dog its space.


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12. Asking Dogs For Kisses

While humans may consider kisses to be a sign of affection, a dog giving “kisses”, or licking is a sign of submission.  Dogs can even get more confused if you kiss them, as this signals to them that you are submissive.  You can avoid this confusion by sticking to the tried-and-true belly rubs and treats to show your love and affection to your pooch.


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11. Vacuuming

If there’s one housekeeping chore that pet parents do a lot of, it’s vacuuming.  But if your dog runs and hides as soon as she sees or hears the vacuum, your doggy could have a fear of vibrations.  Your dog feels the vibrations through her sensitive paw pads, which warn her that danger is nearby. To help avoid stressing your dog, make sure she is in a different room before you start vacuuming.


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10. Loud Sneezing

It may be hard to believe, but sneezing actually irritates your dog.  To a dog, a human sneeze sounds like a snort or “tooth-snap” from another canine.  In dog language, that says “Watch out—there’s a threat nearby!”  So the next time after you sneeze, be sure to reassure your dog that everything is okay to help them calm down.


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9. Patting The Head

We all like to pat our dogs on their heads, don’t we? Unfortunately, our dogs are not so fond of it. Just like you don’t appreciate being tapped on the head, your dog finds it annoying as well. You might say, “I don’t think they hate it.” Well, that’s because your pooch knows that you are the boss so she might just tolerate it even though she really doesn’t like it. That’s why you see the responsible parents always teach their kids to pet the dog’s back and not to pat the dog’s head or touch the dog’s face. Your dog loves you petting him, but please refrain yourself and strangers from patting her head.


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8. Hugging

We as primates love hugs.  But when a dog places his paw on the back of another dog he is actually asserting his dominance over the other dog. That’s why we often hear about dog bite incidents when little kids keep hugging a dog and refusing to let go. At some point, the poor dog just can’t take it anymore.


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7. Not Providing Structure And Rules

Dogs are just like kids. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they love, want, and need rules and structure. Daily habits like going out for a walk are comforting for your dog.  One thing we do need to remember is that just like little kids, our dogs do not understand exceptions to rules. Your dog will not be able to comprehend why he is not allowed on a couch after playing in the mud; while he is allowed to do so after a bath.


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6. Teasing

It should be very self explanatory that dogs hate to be teased. But, it made the list because too many people still think it’s funny and acceptable to tease dogs. Don’t wave or talk to a dog that is barking behind a window or door. Don’t bark at a dog as you pass one on the street. Don’t pretend to throw when you are playing catch with a dog.


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5. Hurrying Up Potty Time

Don’t nag your dog to go potty!  Dogs don’t understand human’s obsession with saving time.  So when you take your dog outside to go potty, be patient with him.  By giving him time to explore with his nose and find the perfect  spot to potty, your dog is able to relax and actually go potty quicker than if you push him.


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4. Keeping A Tight Leash, Literally

Do you know that a dog can actually read her master’s tension level through a leash? Tight leash means a high level of stress, frustration, or excitement for the dog. A dog that walks on a tight leash is more likely to be reactive (bark, dart) in even the mild social situation.


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3. Being A Boring Grown-Up

We have to remember that our dogs are kids and they will always be kids. Remember the feeling of being stuck with a boring adult when you were a kid? That’s how our dogs feel when we are too busy being boring grown-ups. Getting into places that she is not supposed to, eating our shoes, chewing the table legs or couch are all signs our dog is BORED.


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2. Yelling

Yelling at a dog actually isn’t effective at getting your dog to do what you want.  When people resort to yelling to stop barking or other bad behavior, what actually happens is the dog learns to fear its master and does everything it can to get away.  As your dog’s pack leader, you should instead stay calm and assertive.


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1. Playing Dress-Up

Although their owners may think they look adorable in cute costumes, if dogs could talk “human” they would tell us they hate being treated like a dress-up doll.  Sure – some dogs will tolerate it due to their love for their master, but the truth is that costumes often constrict their movement and limit their vision.  So while it might be okay to dress up your fur kid for a quick pic, please monitor your dog’s comfort level and be ready to take off the costume.

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